Blogging Issues

This is a short, self-reflective, post.

Item 1: I started using Feedburner last week It seems that the pinging mechanism that should make sure Google Reader is synchronized with my Feedburner-manged RSS feed does not work very well, to say the least. I therefore turned back on this blogspot's native feed. I now manually ping Feedburner (OK, I will have a greasemonkey do it for me) whenever new content is published.

Item 2: How come November was such a productive months (in terms of number of posts)?
It's kind of a long story but I can condense it into five simple steps:
1. I installed the Google Reader Watcher Firefox add-on. This made me more aware to things taking place at the blogging scene.
2. I delved into Steve Yegge's blog. His posts are always thought provoking.
3. I dicovered that reading Yegge's blog motivated me to sit down and publish all these half-completed posts that were waiting (as "sitting drafts") for many months.
4. As a direct result I started writing. After the fourth post things became easier.
5. More content resulted in more visitor comments. This, in turn, motivated me to write even more.

That's basically it.

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  1. I noticed your recent surge of posts. I enjoy them very much, even though I don't reply, as I seldom have anything to add :-)

    Keep up the good work. Your articulated thoughts and experience help me look at programming more openly flexibly, which is a good thing, I think.

    So, thanks again.

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