My Whereabouts this Winter

A lot of things have happened in the last couple of months. First, I finished school. I practically finished my Ph.D. though I still need to work on a few things in the dissertation. Consequently, I started working for a big, multi-national, corporate. I got acquainted with MDD tools, Software product lines and multi-core issues. In between I discovered Clojure and initiated Waterfront, an open source, Clojure-based, lightweight IDE, for Clojure.

I announced Waterfront on the Clojure group this Tuesday, and it was received with a very warm response. A by-product of the Waterfront effort was the formulation of the Application Context Pattern. A pattern that solves the contradiction between GUI programming and functional programming.

All this stuff resulted in a lot of subjects that I'd like to blog about. The problem, like always, is time. My plans for future posts is to start by writing a bit about Waterfront, and then to fully describe the application context pattern. Hope to find the available time slots for that.