Developing on the streets

A strange thing happens with programming. On the one hand, modern programming languages are so much better than what we programmers used to have twenty-, ten- and even five- years ago. On the other hand, developing a serious program is still a difficult and time consuming task. It seems that Object Oritented Programming does not live up to its promises: Many times it is a long time to develop even the initial prototype, and then it is difficult to change the program, or even just to understand your own source code.

Is oop really the answer? Is aop any better?
Is static type safety really necessary? Aren't we better off with dynamic languages?
Is is true that Haskell programs are simpler than Java programs?
Is there a plain and simple answer to all these nagging little problems of Programming, Debugging and Everything?!

Probably, the answer to these questions is 42.

Therefore, the (only?) plausible goal for this blog is to make these questions a bit more concrete, hoping that someday we will understand what the answer means.

Therefore, in this blog I will collect specific examples of programming difficulties on the one hand, and nice design solutions on the other hand. From time to time some insights (regaeding software design or programming langues design) will stem from these examples.

And, yes, I will also write about my day to day programming task.

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